May 25, 2012

Drug Rep Policy Sign

In our continued effort to provide members of Compliance PhD with updated training and policy materials, we have created a Drug Representative Policy Sign. This new sign will serve as a reminder to all Drug Reps that they must first check in at the front desk prior to entering exam and lab rooms.

Compliance PhD members can access this new Sign under the Forms and Posters Section of the website.  We are also pleased to offer this form FREE of charge to all followers of Compliance PhD.

To download this free form, click HERE. If you have additional questions about Healthcare Compliance, or what resources are available to Compliance PhD members, visit or call us at 720-475-0134.

May 17, 2012

Privacy Reminder Sign

Compliance PhD is pleased to offer a "Privacy Reminder Sign" to be posted on all exam and patient room doors. This sign will serve as a reminder to all Health care Staff to check with the patient prior to discussing any health care related information in front of the patient's guests or visitors.

To download a FREE copy of this sign, click HERE.

For additional tips on Patient Privacy, or for full HIPAA training courses, visit, or call us at 720-475-0143,