Mar 23, 2012

New Office Handout

Most Healthcare Professionals do very little advertizing because they are able to increase their client base through referrals. The Compliance PhD training library includes a course on how to Generate Referrals. The course covers tips such as, "Exceed Expectations, Ask for Referrals, and Create a Handout.

To better assist Compliance PhD members with the "Create a Handout" step, we have created a Handout Template where members can easily fill in critical practice information such as: Hours of Operation, Services Provided, Insurance and Payment Options Accepted, and Location.

Members of Compliance PhD can login to the site, and download the form: "Generating Referrals." 

If you have questions about generating referrals for your practice, contact Compliance PhD today.,,  or call 720-475-0134.

Mar 16, 2012

Terminating a Patient?

A recent conversation I had with a healthcare provider went something like this:

Physician: I know I can terminate a patient who is giving me problems, but I also know that I have to be careful how I go about it. Can you help?

Me: Physicians do have the right to terminate a patient; however, these situations should be reserved for the most extreme circumstances, and must be done carefully. Failure to correctly terminate a patient may result in lawsuits and patients feeling abandoned.

Physician: This particular patient continues to make abusive comments to my staff. I have spoken with him about it, but there does not appear to be any change from him. Many members of my staff are uncomfortable in his presence. 

Me: The Compliance PhD training: Firing a Patient should provide you and your staff with the appropriate steps to resolve this situation. The training covers 10 basic steps to ensure your office is protected should this patient disagree with your assessment.

The training covers basic topics such as: Striving to Establish a Relationship, Identifying Inappropriate Behavior, Preparing to Notify the Patient, Notifying the Patient using Certified Mail, Provide Feedback, and Documenting each step along the way.

Physicians do have the right to terminate the physician/patient relationship when a patient is being abusive. In many situations, however, it is important to remember that people are not always on their best behavior when they are sick.

For additional information, visit to view the course outline of the Compliance PhD training course: How to Fire a Patient.

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Mar 9, 2012

Self-Audit Questionaire

We receive a lot of questions surrounding the topic of prepardness. "Have I done enough?" "If and auditor came and inspected our practice, would we be safe?" While becoming and maintaining a compliant practice really requires a complex answer to some simple questions, you can perform a basic self-audit by asking yourself the following 10 questions.

  1. Does my practice have a current training plan?
  2. Has my staff been trained in this plan?
  3. Have I verified my staffs' understanding?
  4. Do I have documentation to demonstrate my staffs' understanding?
  5. Have I completed my annual HIPAA Risk Analysis?
  6. Have I completed my annual OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment?
  7. Do I have documentation to support my ongoing understanding of regulations?
  8. Do I properly respond and document all security incidents?
  9. Do I properly respond and document all safety incidents?
  10. Are my Business Associate Agreements up-to-date with HITECH regulations?
While there are many more questions that need answering to fully ensure your practice is compliant, the previous 10 questions will allow you to generally gauge where your practice stands.

If you answered "NO" to any of the questions above, your practice may be at risk. If you need assistance in ensuring your practice is safe, visit We can help.

Mar 2, 2012

3 Scenarios where OSHA is sure to visit

OSHA Compliance Training is required at least annually. Most providers are aware that an injury or a compliant may result in an audit or fine. What providers may not be aware of is there are 3 scenarios where you are guaranteed to receive a visit AND a fine from OSHA.

They are:

1. If someone is killed
2. If someone loses a limb
3. If someone sustains an injury that requires them to be in the hospital for 24 hours or more

It is essential to ensure your staff have been properly trained and are aware of the policies and procedures in your practice. However, it doesn't matter if your staff knows the policies but chose not to follow them. Should OSHA visit your practice for any reason, they will certainly want to examine your training material, and evidence training has taken place. Not sure if your office training is current, or comprehensive enough to keep your staff safe?

Visit to learn how we can help.