Dec 1, 2014

Last Month for 2014 Training!

2014 Online Training Tips and FAQs

As 2014 comes to a close, and we prepare for 2015, Compliance PhD wants to provide you with some helpful tips, and hopefully answer some common questions.

Tip # 1. 2014 Online Training can ONLY be completed in 2014. This means if you have employees who have not yet completed their 2014 Online Training, they only have until December 31, 2014 to complete their registered courses. Once the calendar changes to 2015, they CANNOT go back and complete 2014 courses. 

Compliance PhD will be changing the 2014 courses and loading new 2015 courses in their place.

Tip # 2. The Compliance PhD system will retain 2014 training records. Even in 2015, you can still go back and print 2014 Training Reports or Employee Certificates.

Q: Can I also print 2013 Reports and Training Certificates?

A: No. The Online System will only retain the current and '1' previous years' history.

Tip # 3. Ensure you have all Staffs' 2013 Training Certificates or Employee Progress Reports. You should already have record of these certificates, but take the time now to verify you have these records. Once the calendar changes to 2015, you will no longer be able to access 2013 records. 

Tip # 4. Register your Staff for 2015 courses as early as possible in 2015. Compliance PhD will load new 2015 Online Training courses from January 1st - January 4th, 2015. As soon as it is convenient, Training Supervisors should register all staff for 2015 courses. 

Q: How will I register my staff for 2015 Courses?

  A: Training Supervisors can register staff for 2015 courses (Starting in 2015) by:
     1. Login as the Training Supervisor
     2. Click on the "Staff" page.
     3. Click on Employee's Name
     4. Click the "Edit Profile" link.
     5. Select 2015 Course and Click "Save"

Q: Will my staff receive an email letting them know they have been registered?

  A: Yes. All staff will receive an email informing them of newly registered courses.

Q: What if my Staff can't remember their Login Information?

  A: Training Supervisors can either EMAIL or PRINT staff Member IDs and Passwords.

  To do this:
     1. Login as the Training Supervisor
     2. Click on the "Staff" page
     3. Check the box to the LEFT of Employee(s) name
     4. On bottom of Screen, check either the blue EMAIL or PRINT button.

Tip # 5. Contact Compliance PhD with any questions. We value your business and we are here to help.
Phone: 720-475-0134

Happy Holidays from the Compliance PhD Team!