Mar 4, 2013

Tips for Safeguarding PHI on your Mobile Device

Recently released additional information on safeguarding patient information when using a mobile device. They provide the following 10 tips when using a mobile device in your practice.
NOTE: These tips may also be downloaded from the "Forms and Posters" Section
of the Compliance PhD site.

1. Use a Password or other user authentication
2. Install and enable encryption
3. Install and activate remote wiping or remote disabling
4. Do not install or use file sharing applications
5. Install and enable a firewall
6. Install security software
7. Research mobile apps before downloading
8. Always keep your device in your possession
9. Use adequate security when using public Wi-Fi
10. Delete all stored health information before discarding mobile device.
If you have additional questions on safeguarding your patient's health information, or if you have questions about providing Compliance Training to your staff, contact