Jun 8, 2012

Time Off/Vacation Request Form

Have you ever had a disagreement with a staff member about Vacation Days or Sick Leave? You are not alone. The key to ending disagreements about Paid Time Off (PTO) is to ensure your office has a clear PTO policy. This policy should be clearly written so all employees can understand it.

While most offices have a PTO policy, they often struggle to "keep track" of employees' vacation days, or shifts missed due to illness. This lack of documentation can lead to arguments, and additional PTO days for employees already at their limit. Compliance PhD is pleased to offer a new tool that will help to track employees' Paid Time Off.

This new form will allow for employees to request time off, as well as allow for management to better track days or shifts missed, the reason behind it, and number of PTO days remaining.

Compliance PhD members can log in to the Forms Section of the site and download the Time Off/Vacation Request Form under the new PRACTICE MANAGEMENT category. This new PRACTICE MANAGEMENT category is filled with additional tools to free up time for Office Managers.

Compliance PhD is pleased to offer this new Time Off/Vacation Request Form for FREE. To download this new tool, click HERE. If you have questions about PRACTICE MANAGEMENT tools, or would like to learn more about Compliance PhD and the services they provide to their members, visit http://www.compliancephd.com/ or call us at 720-475-0143.