Jul 12, 2012

Working Environment free of Sexual Harassment

It is estimated that the average cost for a practice to defend against a Sexual Harassment claim is $100,000. Because of the high costs, many choose to settle out of court at an average cost of $40,000.

The best way to save your practice money, and to protect all of your staff is to create a working environment free of Sexual Harassment. It is estimated that only 67% of businesses have a Sexual Harassment Policy.

Members of Compliance PhD now have access to not only a "Sexual Harassment for Employees" training, but also recently added, a "Sexual Harassment for Managers" training. Together these trainings will ensure your entire staff is aware of the policies and procedures needed for a Sexual Harassment free working environment.

As part of the Compliance PhD management training, we recommend all Managers login to the system and download a sign we have created to post around the practice. This sign re-enforces the practice's policy on Sexual Harassment.

Compliance PhD is pleased to offer this sign, FREE of charge to the readers of our blog.

To download the sign, click HERE.

If you have additional questions about Sexual Harassment Training for your office, or to see how Compliance PhD can help; visit http://www.compliancephd.com/ or call us at 720-475-0134.