May 13, 2013

Cell Phone Poster

Do you frequently have patients chatting loudly on their cell phone in your waiting area? 
Are you trying to discuss treatment with a patient while they are busy texting?

If you have these, and other cell phone distractions, then it is time to create a new office policy banning cell phone use for the practice. Compliance PhD has created a new poster that will simply and effectively inform your patients that cell phone use in the office is no longer allowed.

It states: Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone. In consideration of all patients and office staff, we ask that you complete all calls and text messages prior to entering our office. 

Members of Compliance PhD have access to this poster and many other Practice Management Tools.  If you have questions about Health care Compliance, or need tools to train your office staff, contact Compliance PhD today, or visit

Compliance PhD is happy to provide the readers of this blog with free access to this new Cell Phone Poster. To download and print a copy of this new poster. Click HERE.

Compliance PhD