Sep 12, 2013

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule

The Deadline Has Passed!

Q: I have heard changes are being made to HIPAA. Is this true?
A: Yes. HIPAA is implementing a new Omnibus Rule that changes certain patient rights, and places Business Associates and their subcontractors under HIPAA Law. The Omnibus Rule also increases the penalties you as a practice can receive for non-compliance.

Q: Does the Omnibus rule apply to Healthcare Providers or Business Associates?
A: Both! Updates to HIPAA will impact both Covered Entities and Business Associates.

Q: What are the fines for non-compliance?
A: Under the updated Omnibus Rule, HHS has the ability to fine you multiple times during the year with fines reaching $1.5 Million Dollars. 

Recently, Health and Human Services (HHS) posted a video to You Tube explaining some of these changes.  You can link to their video HERE

Q: I just watched the video, but I am still confused. What do I do now?
A: If you are unsure how to train your staff in all of the updated information, you are not alone. Compliance PhD is here to assist you.

Compliance PhD provides Online Compliance Training for Healthcare Providers and Business Associates. Our Training Courses are constantly updated to ensure your staff receive training on the most current regulations.  Staff train at their own pace. Quizzes ensure their understanding, and Certificates provide you with proper documentation. 

Q: What do I need to do to become compliant with the new HIPAA rules?
1. Make sure all of your employees complete the Compliance PhD 2013 HIPAA Security and HIPAA Privacy Trainings.
2. Complete the Risk Analysis located in the Forms Section of the Compliance PhD site.
3. Make sure your Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) has been updated to reflect the changes to Marketing and Fundraising. An updated NPP is available in the Forms Section of the Compliance PhD site.
4. Update your Business Associate Agreements. Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are available in the Forms Section of the Compliance PhD site.

Q: Does the Compliance PhD Online HIPAA Training reflect these new changes?
A: YES! Members of Compliance PhD can rest assured that the online training available to them is current with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. Current Members of Compliance PhD have access to the most up-to-date training, posters, and forms.

Q: Other than Training, does Compliance PhD have anything else to help my practice?
A: Yes. Compliance PhD provides required Forms and Posters, including a Risk Analysis, Business Associate Agreement and Notice of Privacy Practices. 

Q: The Deadline has passed. What do I do now?
A: If you haven't updated your policies, trained your staff, and updated the necessary documents, then you are out of compliance and are at risk for stiff penalties.

Join CompliancePhD today and we will help you get compliant fast!

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