Nov 28, 2011

Reporting a HIPAA Violation is Easy. Are you Prepared?

Did you know that anyone can file a complaint against your practice? It’s true. Current and former employees, as well as current and former patients have the right to file a HIPAA Compliant against you as long as they comply with the following 3 easy requirements.

1. Submit their written complaint by mail, email, or fax;

2. Include the name of your practice and the violations they believe you committed;

3. File their complaint within 180 days of when they believe your practice violations occurred. (The Office for Civil Rights OCR may extend the individual an additional 180 days if they can demonstrate “good cause.”)

It’s really that easy. As a reminder, HIPAA Security & HIPAA Privacy Training is required at least annually. This annual training is mandatory for ALL Staff, and not just new hires. If you have not completed training in awhile, your office may be primed for a violation, and a complaint may not be far behind.

If you are unsure when your staff last completed HIPAA Training, or don’t know how to begin training your staff. Visit to find out how we can help protect your practice by training your staff in current HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA protects employees and patients from retaliation and retribution by Covered Entities accused of violating HIPAA Law. If you believe a HIPAA Violation has occurred, you can submit a complaint to your OCR Regional Office. Click HERE to view a list of Regional Offices.

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