Feb 17, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our office manager keeps using the acronym NPP. What does NPP stand for?
A: NPP stands for Notice of Privacy Practices. This document outlines how the practice will safeguard the patient's Protected Health Information.

Other common HIPAA acronyms:
TPO- Treatment, Payment, & Healthcare Operations
PHI- Protected Health Information
HHS- Health and Human Services
ePHI- Electronic Protected Health Information
CE- Covered Entity
BA- Business Associate

Q: What would be considered a Incidental Disclosure?
A: Incidental or non-intentional disclosures that occur as a by-product of allowable disclosures are allowed as long as safeguards are applied, and the minimum necessary standard is followed. For example, PHI that is overheard from a nursing station or lab by patients walking past is considered incidental, and does not need to be accounted for.

Q: Can we use a debt collection agency to recoup unpaid services?
A: Yes. Debt collection is recognized under the HIPAA Privacy Rule as an activity within the TPO definition of "payment."

Q: Can we release a child's immunization record to a school for student registration purposes?
A: No. Immunization records contain Protected Health Information. Authorization must be given prior to releasing records to a school.  

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