Feb 10, 2012

Patient Survey

Many providers often get so caught up in the busy day-to-day activities that they fail to see areas where they could improve the care they are providing to their patients.

Conducting surveys with the help of your patients can provide detailed descriptions of areas you may be doing well, and also areas that could use some improvement.

Questions may include: Ease of Scheduling an Appointment, Friendlyness of Staff, Overall Neatness of the Practice, Waiting Room, etc.

Click HERE to download a Sample Patient Survey. Email help@CompliancePhD.com for this patient survey in a Word format where you can add your Practice Information or tailor some of the questions to fit your needs. As always, should you have any questions you can contact Compliance PhD staff by phone or by email.

Email: Help@CompliancePhD.com
Phone: 720-475-0134

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