Jan 4, 2021

New Year's Training FAQ's


Q: The courses registered for last year have disappeared. What happened?


A: Each calendar year, courses are updated and posted to the site. Training Supervisors can then register the courses they would like their staff to complete during the calendar year.  



Q: Can staff still complete last year’s courses now that it is a new year?


A: Training links are only active for the calendar year in which they were created. However, it doesn’t matter if courses are completed in December or January or in June. HIPAA and OSHA simply require courses to be completed at least every 12 months. This means, if courses were not completed at the end of one calendar year, simply register for the current year’s version and continue.



Q: Is there a cost for the new year’s trainings?


A: No. All current members have access to training courses throughout their membership.



Q: As a Training Supervisor, how do I register my staff for courses?


A: There are two options for course registration:


a.     Sign in as the Training Supervisor

b.     Click on the “Staff” tab

c.     Click directly on a Staff Member’s Name

d.     Click “Edit Profile” (located near their email address)

e.     Select desired courses and click “Save”



(All users in the membership across all locations will be registered for the same courses. Variations for users must be done using Individual User Registration.)

a.     Sign in as the Training Supervisor

b.     Click directly on the “Membership” tab.  (Not Membership Notifications)

c.     Scroll down and select courses in the two columns. The RIGHT column will register courses for the Training Supervisor. The LEFT column will register all staff across all locations.

d.     Click “Save.” (Because this option is potentially registering hundreds of courses at once, there may be a minute or two delay before displaying courses.)

Q: As the Training Supervisor, can I edit our custom policies we answered at initial registration? (i.e., Closest fire extinguisher, or HIPAA Compliance Officer.)


A: Yes. Training Supervisors can click the “Policies” tab to update custom location information. Select your desired location from dropdown and edit policies as needed. Please be aware of the “Notify Staff” box in lower left corner of page. If this box is checked when you click ‘Save’ then all users within the membership will be emailed a copy. If you do not wish staff to receive a copy, simply uncheck the box prior to clicking save.



Q: Can we have more than one Training Supervisor?


A: Only one login can be assigned Training Supervisor responsibilities.



Q: Can I still print the previous year’s certificates and reports?


A: Yes. The online system maintains the history of your previous year’s history. Located above each user’s progress table is a drop down showing the current calendar year. Users can Select the previous year from the drop down and click the blue Submit button. This will display last year’s progress table and allow users to print any completed certificate or print a report.

Training Supervisors can also print progress reports using the same steps on the “Staff” page. Additionally, Training Supervisors can click a user’s name on the “Staff” page and then complete the steps above to print individual reports or certificates.  



Q: Do the online courses change?


A: Yes. Compliance PhD ensures all training courses are current with government regulations. This means if a new Policy is enacted during the year, then the training is updated at that time. You can have confidence that whenever you complete a course throughout the year, it is up to date.


Changes are also made to start each calendar year to facilitate a more pleasing online training experience. New training pages are added, new examples are used, along with new page layouts and photographs.  New quizzes are written for each calendar year. Additionally, new Training Courses are added to the online course catalog. If there is a Training Course you are not currently registered for, but would like to be, simply contact your office Training Supervisor.



Q: Can we submit ideas for additional training courses?


A copy of these FAQs can be downloaded from the "Forms and Posters" page of the Compliance PhD Site. 

Additional questions should be emailed to: help@compliancephd.com

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