Apr 2, 2012

Practice Information Sheet

Practice Managers are often burdened with questions where the answer could be found with minimal effort by the employee. Yet, simply asking the Manager seems to be "easier." In an effort to assist Practice Managers, Compliance PhD has created a helpful document to alleviate the burden of commonly asked questions.

A Practice Information Sheet contains all of the contact information for services the practice most commonly uses.

"What is the phone number for our Sharps Removal Company?"
"Who do I call for IT Support?"
"I think we need a plumber. Who should I call?"
"We need new gloves. How do I order more?"

A Practice Information Sheet posted in all Workstations can empower the employee with the information necessary to answer these questions on their own.

Compliance PhD members can download this Information Sheet in the "Forms" section of the site; however, Compliance PhD is pleased to offer this Sheet to all visitors to our Blog.

To download this Information Sheet, simply click HERE. If you have additional questions about Compliance, or want to know how to alleviate the burdens on Practice Managers, visit: www.CompliancePhD.com